Saturday, May 1, 2010


Not much has been written on this topic.. When I was learning Hypnotic Gaze, I googled the term and all I could find was a century old book by Dr. William Walker Atkinson and an incomplete course by Fabricio Astelo at

William Walker wrote that Hypnotic Gaze is a strong assertion of will power by a person whose eyes have been physically trained by the person..

Fabricio Astelo's definition of Hypnotic Gaze referred to a particular Glamor in the eye that attracts other people's gaze and enchants them into keep looking..

Having achieved this power, I think hypnotic gaze is both, glamor and assertion of willpower..

The physical training of the eyes as well as the spiritual exercises (included in the program) bestow a particular energy to you.. This energy radiates through the eyes. Now, whenever you lock eyes with another person, the intense subtle energy not only fascinates the person to keep looking, but it also puts him/her in a partial trance. This puts you in the dominant position at once..

In a nutshell, hypnotic gaze is a gaze that attracts and controls..

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  1. What if the other person starts to control you during the eye contact?