Friday, May 21, 2010

Dot Gazing.. Why???

You might have this question in your mind..

I can say this because I had..

When I heard about Hypnotic Gaze and its magical powers, I was very excited.. But when I was handed over the Manual of this course (A hand written one), I was sort of disappointed to see that I had to Gaze at a dot for 2 long months..

For developing a power as magical as Hypnotic Gaze, Dot Gazing appears to be very commonplace and trivial exercise..

I felt as if I was ripped off..

But now here, I would like to tell you something..

Never underestimate the power of Gazing Exercises.. Never underestimate dot gazing..

I have learnt one very valuable thing through all these years..

There are some things that appear very valueless and trivial, but if they are incorporated in our lives on a daily basis, they can do wonders.. Dot Gazing is one of them..

Dot Gazing is the first exercise that you have to do if you want to learn mesmerism.

Dot Gazing is the first exercise that you have to do when you learn telekinesis..

Dot Gazing is the first exercise that you have to do if you want to improve your concentration..

Dot Gazing alone can help you achieve many spiritual qualities along with a Semi-Hypnotic Gaze..

So once again, never underestimate the powers of this simple looking exercise..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting Bored of the Exercises??

No matter how committed you are to this course, at some point of time you will get bored of the exercises..

Infact bored to death..

Happened to me all the time. During that 6 month span, I nearly decided to quit the BORING JOB about six times.. Why was I doing this boring thing when my buddies were hitting the bar? I used to keep thinking of all those opportunities of going out with friends that I was missing because I had to look at that stupid dot..

But every time, one sentence kept me going. I would like to share that with you.

"In order to GET SOMETHING TOMORROW that other people wont have, you will have to DO SOMETHING TODAY that other people are not doing"

We look at all those great people we idealize.. We think about their incredible life styles, their lavish living, their extraordinary achievements..

But we never think how they got there..

We dont realize that those people got there by sheer hard work.. They worked when their peers hit the bar. They worked when their peers played basketball. They worked when their peers enjoyed sleep..

That is why today they are where they are.. And no one has ever heard of their peers..

There is no escalator to success.. You always have to take the stairs.. But once you are up there, its awesome. If something in life is worth getting, its worth working for. This in my opinion is the greatest success secret.

If you are getting bored of the exercises, think of all those benefits that you will have after 6 months. Its only a matter of 6 months..

Go and start Gazing.. And never think of quitting.. : )

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Limits of Hypnosis

In order to make good use of your Hypnotic Gaze, you must know all that needs to be known about Hypnosis.

You must always remember that The trance induced by a hypnotic gaze is the same as the trance induced in a Clinical Hypnosis Session..

Having said that, I would like to discuss a Question that has always been a matter of dispute in the world of hypnosis:


The answer is both NO and YES.

If you put a priest in a trance and ask him to KILL someone, he will be OUT of trance way before you open your mouth to deliver the same suggestion again..


During trance, if you suggest to the priest that a particular guy is badmouthing christianity and that the guy plans to demolish the church.. And that its the priest's religious responsibility to kill him as soon as possible, he will end up doing that.

Similarly, a conservative woman will never take her clothes off if you suggest her to do so in trance, but if you tell her that she is in a bathroom to take shower and that she should take her clothes off, she would do that..

Hypnosis has its limitations.... Unless you know how to play the mind game. ; )

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Questions from an mate

1. When using the gaze, do you give commands verbally, mentally, or both?
Just by way of example, say you wanted to influence a coworker or seduce someone. What would you typically say or do in either scenario?

A. While using your hypnotic gaze, you have to give VERBAL commands.. You can amplify the effect by giving mental commands, but only mental commands wont do the trick.

Once I finish this course here on the blog, I will post my own stories on how I influenced people and what mistakes I made in the beginning.

2. When a subject is in trance, are you able to be overt (ie. "You want to ____") , or do you need to keep all commands conversational (ie. "What would it be like if you found yourself wanting to ____")?

A. Depends on how deep trance you have induced in the person. Talking about myself, I've made a timeline..

0-3 seconds of eye contact: The person is completely in his control.

3-7 seconds of eye contact: The person is in weak trance. He can say NO to you.

7-15 seconds of eye contact: The person is in partial trance. He will say NO to things he strongly resists.

15+ seconds of eye contact: The person is in full trance. He will even KILL at your command.

Note: This is not by any means, a standard timeline. You will have your own timeline once you complete the course.

During the weak partial trance, you can use Hidden commands.. But once he/she slides into partial trance, you can give direct commands, but its good to not be TOO DIRECT. Once a person is in FULL TRANCE, you can say "Bang your head against the wall" and the person will do that without question.

3. You mentioned being unable to look into anyone's eyes without triggering the effect. What if you simply made them think you were giving them eye contact by using an indirect gaze? (For example, by staring in between their eyes.) Would this be enough to negate the hypnotic effect?
If not, what happens if someone persists in gazing into your eyes, even if you don't return their gaze? Are eye doctors everywhere about to start zoning out during examinations?

A. Dont ever look between someone's eyes once you develop this gaze. You might end up energizing his/her 3rd eye chakra too much. This can make the person experience a severe headache and other irritative symptoms. DONT DO THAT.

Dont maintain eye contact for more than 3 seconds. Its simple.. Look away after 3 seconds and then make eye contact again.

As I said before, its LOCKING GAZE that puts the person in trance, not just looking in eyes. If a person looks in your eyes and you dont return his gaze, there will be only a very very weak effect. By the same token, the eye doctor will stay in his senses. : )

4. If someone chooses to practice two or three times a day- as opposed to one- will that reduce the length of time required to achieve the gaze? Or is it simply a minimum of six months, regardless of how often you do the exercises?

A. I used to perform the exercise three times myself, but it took me 6 months. Practicing one time will take longer, about 10 months.. Think of 6 months as the minimum time it will take.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Questions from an mate

Q. Just wondering, why you want 2. Your Father's FULL NAME.
3. Your Mother's FULL NAME. for the attunement?

A. You dont need to know all these things if you know the person or if you've seen him.. But since I dont know you and I've never seen you, I need this information to make sure that the attunement goes to the right person. Here's an analogy. If you have seen a guy's home and been there, you dont need to remember his house number, street number etc to get to his place again. But if you've never been there, you need all this information.

Q. What is the attunement about? What is it? and Why?

A. Attunement is necessary for all Energy things. You need attunement for Reiki. And so do you for hypnotic gaze because its also an energy thing. Attunement is a process in which the guy who already has those energies, projects some of them onto you to release your blockages and familiarize you to the energies.

Q. Will you get some benefit from mastering first few levels? I mean Will one increase his attraction when he finish the the dot gazing levels?

A. Results get somewhat noticeable after the 3rd eye gazing exercises. But the real power will come after the 13th step.

Q. Will you be able to do a PDF for the black dot, so people can just print it and stick it on the wall and practice? I want to make sure the dot is correct?

A. Ahh.. I am afraid I dont know how to make pdfs. Anyway, its not that complicated. You need to make a small circle on a white page. The circle should not be more than 1 cm in dia. I made it with a black marker. It also does'nt need to be perfectly round. But it should be filled in properly.

Q. I wear glasses, will I still be able to use the gaze on people?

A. Yes you will be. Unless you wear something that hides your eyes, like sunglasses. By the way, you will see a noticeable improvement in your eye-sight after completing your 6 months.

Q. Is there a shorter way to master this? like 3 months? like a more intensive course?

A. 6 months is the minimum time it will take if you develop hypnotic gaze through this method. And honestly speaking this is the shortest method I know. There may be some way to develop this power in less than that... Who knows..

Q. Who was the guy who you paid 800 to learn the hypnotic gaze?

A. I wish you could meet the man I learnt from. He is an old guy, about 65 years of age. He can actually DO things that you and I only watch in movies or only dream about. He can vanish things, lift small things with his gaze and perform astounding feats of psychokinesis. I saw all these things with my own eyes.

Q. Could you tell us what the 3rd eye and Flame gazing is? I want know if I will be able to practice it.

A. Everyone can do these exercises. 3rd eye gazing requires you to gaze at your own 3rd eye chakra through a mirror. Flame gazing requires you to gaze at a small flame, like candle flame, lighter flame.

Q. How does your course compare to the Magic gaze course by Fabricio Astelo?

A. I want to thank this guy, Fabricio Astelo, to be the only contemporary Mind scientist teaching Hypnotic Gaze. I mentioned about him in the first post on my blog. When I was about to take on this course, I searched for material on internet pertaining to Hypnotic Gaze. I could only find a book from Dr. William Walker and a course by Fabricio Astelo. I downloaded Fabricio's pdf. The book ended with the sentence "the 2nd part will be available soon",

But since that time, I've been looking for the 2nd part and I didnt find it anywhere. I myself am curious about how his method is different from the one I learnt.

If anyone of you has the 2nd part, please let me know.

Now, regarding the First part of his course, its similar to my course with some differences, as you will come to know later.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Questions regarding Level One

Q. I see a white aura around the black circle when I fix my gaze. Is it normal?

A. Its absolutely normal. Happens with everyone. Let me tell you an amazing thing. Once you develop the gaze, do this exercise again. The aura will appear bigger in size.

Q. What is the best time to do the exercise?

A. Ideally, you can do the exercise at any time. But I'd recommend you to do the exercise when your eyes are not tired.. The best time would be early morning, half an hour after you get up. The 2nd best time is after your afternoon nap. I used to do it once before sleeping as well but I always noticed that I used to have lots of tears and I nearly always blinked in less than 3 minutes..

Q. How far the dot should be placed for people with severely short eye-sight?

A. The dot should be at a distance where it can be seen clearly.. Even if its 6 inches or 9 inches far, its okay. In no case should you gaze on the dot that appears blurred.

Q. What should be going on in my mind when I am practicing the gaze?

A. Thats a very good question. As far as this exercise is concerned, I would recommend you to participate in it mentally as well... Like your eyes, your mind should also be focused on the dot. This way, you will develop the gaze quicker..

Q. I have lots of tears when I do the exercise.. What should I do to reduce them?

A. Whenever you do the exercise, try to open your eyes AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. This will increase the tear production momentarily, but you will have less tears later on.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hypnotic Gaze Video

Well well well...

You might be interested in having a look at what hypnotic gaze can do..

I was just surfing and I came across a video that I'd like to share.. (Copy and paste to your address bar)

Now the Video you just saw should be called "Hypnotic Gaze at its best"

The guy in the video, Dr. Marco Peret is an Italian and he uses this power to heal people.

Observe him closely. He asks the subject to look in his eyes. When the subject locks gaze with him, the Doctor opens his eyes as much as he can in order to amplify the effect. As a result, within 2-3 seconds the subject goes into such a deep trance that his facial muscles get blocked.

That was the FULL TRANCE I talked about earlier..

Dr. Marco is a professional ofcourse and it will take some more years of practice on your part to come close to him but working 6 months will enable you to achieve the same effect in some 20 seconds. ; )

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Once you have completed your 7 days after the attunement, its time to start the first level exercise.

As I told in the overview, the first 4 Levels will be related to DOT GAZING. The first Level starts with the simplest exercise.

(The term Dot Gazing is a bit of a misnomer because actually you will be gazing on a Circle)

In order to perform this exercise, you need to draw a Black Circle in the center of an A4 page. The circle must not be more than ONE Centimeter in Diameter and it must be completely filled on the inside with black color.



Before you perform this exercise, make sure that you have removed your Glasses or Contact Lenses

- Take a comfortable chair and put it at a distance of 3 feet from the wall.

- Take the page with the circle, and paste it on the wall so that the Circle lies directly at the level of your eyes.

Note: There must be adequate light in the room.

- Sit on the chair and start Gazing at the circle without blinking and with your eyes wide open. The more you open your eyes, the better it is.

- After some time you will feel like blinking and inevitably you will do so. As soon as you blink, close your eyes for 10 seconds and start gazing again.

- The session is over once you blink for the 2nd time.

- You can perform these sessions as many times as your schedule permits.


The goal of the first level is to enable you to look at the circle for 5 minutes without blinking.

Once you are comfortable gazing at the circle for 5 minutes without any urge to blink, you are on your way to the 2nd Level.

Overview of the Course

The diagram shows the Outline of the course:

- Every Level consists of ONE exercise that you have to do EVERYDAY. The exercise can be done once, twice or thrice a day depending on how much time you can spare. No exercise in the first 12 steps will take more than 10 minutes at a time. (That means If you do the exercise 3 times a day, it will occupy 30 minutes of your time in a day.. Not a Big Deal. Huh??

- How many times you do the exercise in a day determines how quickly you progress to the next level. Ideally every level should take atleast 15 days.

- Very Important. In the first 4 levels, you Cannot Skip a Day. If you do, you have to start All Over again from the Start. The same applies to the 13th level.

- The 13th step is the most crucial step and takes 6 days in all.

Apologies to the Minors

I received some attunement requests from guys/girls who were not mature enough in my opinion, so to say..

Look, I know age does'nt always define wisdom. But still there are certain standards that have to be met.

I am very sorry but..

You have to be atleast 18 years of age in order to take this course.

I should have mentioned this earlier.. My fault..