Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some More Questions

Q. You've mentioned that attuning others increases your power, if you could quantitatively state, how many? Say..yours is at 100%. Attuning 1 person would increase that 100% by another?

A. When you attune a person, you have to call upon the energy again and INTEND it to go to another person. Everytime you mentally intend the energy to go to another person, SOME OF IT STAYS.. But its not like 100%, maybe only 5% or so..

Q. What happens when 2 persons who've learnt this hypnotic gaze technique meet each other and lock eyes, who'd prevail?

A. Just as two people never have the same PHYSICAL power, so is it with this power. The way we rate this power is the DISTANCE at which a person can hypnotize another person.
The 13th step is the key here. If you repeat the 13th step after a period of 6 months, your power doubles. That means if you could hypnotize someone at a distance of 3 meters, you will be able to do so at a distance of 6 meters after you do this..
The guy who has repeated the 13th step more times will prevail.. (You cannot do the 13th step more than twice in a year)
But having too much of this gaze is not suggestible. People will run away from you.. ; )

Q. If a president has this power and he looks into the camera during a live telecast, and the entire population is watching, is he able to put them into a full trance?

A. Unless, he has a Very very very strong hypnotic gaze, it wont happen..
See, its all about LOCKING eyes. And how much of someone's eyes can you see on the TV??

Q. What happens if you have this power and you look in the mirror??

A. Well, logically one should be able to hypnotize himself with his own gaze. But this does'nt happen.
Let me clarify one thing.

If hypnotic gaze is a poison, WILL POWER is the antidote..

People with very strong willpower might take longer to get in trance, as I said earlier.

Now, the Exercises in the course not only give you a strong gaze, they give you a strong mind as well. When you'll be gazing on a dot or your Ajna chakra (As I will explain later), you will be training your mind along with the eyes. This thing will give you a will power strong enough to resist your own gaze.. You will be Invincible to your own power.

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